Our company is a pioneer in the field of manufacturing high quality tarpaulins for trucks. With a dynamic presence in the industrial sector, we are distinguished for our advanced technology and expertise in the production of high strength products.

In addition, we provide customized solutions tailored to the needs and specifications of our customers. Our experience in the industry allows us to provide innovative and reliable solutions that meet the increasing demands of the contemporary transport industry. 

As part of our dealership for HEYtex products, we ensure access to advanced German materials, enhancing the reliability and performance of our tarpaulins.


  • Total coverage of industrial buildings
  • Truck trailer coverage with DEKRA certification
  • Covering truck trailers with anti-theft safety mesh
  • Manufacture of heavy goods protection packaging

Mechanical equipment:

  • Lathe and High Pressure Press
  • High pressure press and high pressure press
  • Winder and Metal Cutting Laser
  • Welding and Electro-welding

Tarpaulins on trucks

Our company is engaged in the manufacture of tarpaulins on trucks with branded German tarpaulins with DEKRA certification and anti-theft safety mesh.

Covering of metal buildings

Our company deals with the covering of metal buildings in industrial areas with certified tarpaulin that has enormous resistance to adverse weather conditions.

Trading of tarpaulin materials

Our company trades branded German HEYtex tarpaulins and all tarpaulin accessories (closures, rollers, tubes and many others).

Special constructions

Our company can manufacture special constructions with tarpaulin based on the customer’s and market requirements.

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