European environmental standards

Over many years, we have demonstrated our firm commitment to environmental protection and the adoption of environmental care policies following strictly the European Environmental Standards.

Throughout our operations, we ensure completely safe waste management processes as a part of our global commitment to sustainability.

Compliance with high environmental standards

Quality is always our priority, with an emphasis on the ecological consequences of our work. All our fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified, confirming that they are free of over 100 harmful substances to the environment and human healthcare.

While our commercial and non-commercial activities follow workplace standards throughout the global supply chain, with Amfori BSCI certification, where we ensure both our own and our suppliers’ and partners’ responsibility towards social responsibility.
We continue to innovate by using water-soluble, recyclable inks, free of volatile solvents, in our printing. We remain committed to offering high quality products without compromising the environment and continue to act in the certainty that we can make a positive contribution to our planet’s future.

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